Green New Year Resolutions – what will yours be?

Jan 13, 2020 Uncategorized

Author: Louise Evans

I’m not keen on exercise or diet resolutions at this time of year, I don’t stick to them! The last few years I have made a green resolution and these I have found much easier to stick to. My 2019 resolution was to stop buying fruit and veg from supermarkets, due entirely to the plastic draping most of what was available to buy. We already receive a veg box delivery each fortnight so I wasn’t starting from scratch. But even so, I thought this would be a challenge with two small ones and a not very enthusiastic husband!

· I added extra fruit and bits to my regular veg box delivery (Riverford), made easier by the excellent app they released earlier this year.

· I started regularly stopping at the lovely little farm shop on my way home from work (Whitchurch’s own Harroway Organic), also made easier my their introduction of a card payment option.

· I bought everything else from the excellent, friendly greengrocer in Overton, Wilsons, who will happily take phone orders and deliver. They pride themselves on using minimal packaging.

I have hugely reduced my plastic waste, and I have also reduced my air freighted fruit and veg, bought more British produce, increased my buying from local suppliers so investing in my community more. Along the way I have identified a huge array of other food I can buy through these places with no packaging or very low and/or returnable and reused packaging, including eggs, olive oil, oats, dried fruit, cheese, passata, olives, etc., allowing me to buy even more of life’s necessities in more sustainable ways and using almost zero plastic.

I am now buying food that agrees with my values, rather than having the values of the large supermarkets forced on me. Along the way I discovered the tastiest raspberries in the world (Harroway Organic btw!)

I appreciate that there are financial and time constraints for people, but for me, I have been surprised by how much easier this resolution has been to achieve than I thought it would be. I have only changed what I buy fractionally, I have changed where I buy it from dramatically. Once embedded, it really doesn’t take much extra time to do, and the benefits are huge. I can’t imagine going back to fruit and veg swathed in plastic with little taste and smell and the mountains of plastic packaging in my bin.

This year I plan to tackle ‘standby’ in our house. I’ll let you know how we get on!

What will your green new year resolution be?

By Hannah