Local Recycling Guide for St Mary Bourne

Feb 5, 2020 Recycling

Sustainable Bourne Valley (SBV) is a community group set up in January 2019 with the aim of protecting the natural environment and promoting sustainable living in the Bourne Valley. They have put together a really useful guide to where you can recycle what, which you can find by following this link: https://www.hugofox.com/community/sustainable-bourne-valley-15360/recycling/

Recycling in St Mary Bourne Parish

For details of what you can and can’t put in your green household recycling bin visit the Basingstoke & Dean Council page here. Leaflets on council recycling are also available in the parish office.

Recycling is an essential part of sustainable living – it means you rescue unwanted items from unnecessary landfill or burning and you often raise money for charity and enable the waste to have a new and useful life as well. Please bear in mind that much of what you put in the general rubbish bin at Andover Household Recycling Centre will go to landfill so try to recycle as much of your household waste as possible.

To make that a little easier, we’ve listed ideas for how to recycle goods locally that aren’t accepted in the household recycling collections.


Air freshener containers and cartridge caps
All brands of air freshener containers and cartridge caps are collected for recycling with Terracyle in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ).

Baby food pouches and lids
All brands of baby food pouches can be recycled through Terracycle but must be thoroughly washed. Our nearest collection points are in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ) or Vernham Dean (Upton Cottage, SP11 0JY – on main road opposite Millennium Hall). 

Batteries are collected in the red recycling bin outside St Mary Bourne village shop. All small batteries are fine plus batteries removed from electrical appliances. Please don’t put damaged batteries in this bin as these can degrade a whole bin full. For the same reason they need to stay dry so please be careful putting them in in the rain and sweep any water off the swing door. Car batteries need to go to Andover Household Recycling Centre. All metals and some of the plastics are recycled and the bin is collected free by the European Recycling Platform company.

Binoculars (+ scopes, tripods and telescopes – all in good working order)
These can be reused in conservation projects abroad. The RSPB will store all donations and try to get them sent out with visitors to relevant projects to save costs. They can be sent to RSPB, Second Hand Binocular Scheme, Unit 17, St Martin’s Business Centre, St Martin’s Way, Bedford MK42 OLF, or you can drop them off with you nearest RSPB group or staffed nature reserve to be forwarded. Contact binoenquiries@rspb.org.uk for enquiries. 

Biscuit and sweet wrappers
Any brand of biscuit or sweet wrappers can be recycled through Terracycle. Our nearest collection points are at Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ) and Vernham Dean (Upton Cottage, SP11 0JY – on main road opposite Millennium Hall). They can also be taken to 3 Cowslip Crescent, Thatcham RG18 4DE (leave in green bin outside the house).

Bread bags
Plastic bread bags can be recycled through a free TerraCycle scheme which turns them into pellets used to make a number of molded rigid plastic products like benches, or used as film for products such as rubbish bags. Our nearest collection point is at Upton Cottage, Vernham Dean SP11 0JY (on main village road opposite Milliennium Hall). For more details visit https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades/breadbag . They can also be recycled at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose in Andover (see below).

Brita water filters
These can now be recycled at The Range store in Andover where there is a dedicated box by the exit.  

Carrier bags
Plastic carrier bags can be recycled at the Shepherd’s Spring Sainsbury’s, and both Tesco and Waitrose in Andover. They will also take any stretchy plastic which includes bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, cereal liners (unless they tear like paper), shrink wrap, joiners from multipacks, magazine wrappers and clean frozen food bags. No crackly plastic is a good general rule. No other shop in Andover or Whitchurch currently does this.

www.Giveacar.co.uk is a not for profit social enterprise scheme where you can donate unwanted cars. They are either sold on or scrapped whichever will raise the most money for your chosen charity. They will collect it free if you phone 0207 736 4242.

Clothes and all materials put in the yellow bin outside St Mary Bourne village shop go to Ark Cancer Care Charity’s new Centre in Basingstoke. This bin is run by BIU (formerly Bag It Up) who help various charities raise money by efficient recycling. They will send good clothing, towels and curtains and so on to the most suitable country for maximum sale depending on, for example, climate or fashion. Any unusable items are made into industrial wipers, mattress fillings, insulation and even pellets for fuel. They say that they aim for zero waste. The other charities using their bins in Hampshire are South Central Ambulance Services and Hampshire Search and Rescue Service.

Coffee capsules and pouches
Kenco and Tassimo capsules and pouches can be recycled thorugh Terracyle. Our nearest collection point is at Upton Cottage, Vernham Dean SP11 0JY (on main road opposide Millennium Hall).

Cosmetics containers
Empty cosmetics containers like jars and tubes that have contained creams and make-up can now be recycled at all branches of the Body Shop. Our nearest branch is in the Chantry Centre in Andover. Beauty pots and flexible tubes, hair-colourant kits and roll-on deodorant bottles are collected for recycling in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ).

Crisp packets (any brand)
Crisp packets, plus the outer packaging of multipacks, can be recycled through the TerraCycle scheme in which they are used to make new recycled products. Our nearest drop-off points are in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ) or at Vernham Dean (Upton Cottage, SP11 0JY – on main road opposite Millennium Hall) where you can also recycle Pringles tubes and lids. You can also drop off KP snack bags at the Vernham Dean address as well as at the Crook and Shears Pub, Upper Clatford  SP117QL during opening hours.

Dishwasher products
Any brand of dishwasher tablet packaging, foil inside dishwasher protector, salt bags, dishwasher cleaner and freshener outer packaging can be dropped off for recycling in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ)

Electrical items (broken)
Before getting rid of broken electrical items, try taking them to Andover Repair Café to be fixed for the cost of a donation to Andover Mind (https://www.andovermind.org.uk/repair-cafe/). If it can’t be fixed, much of the plastics and all the metal can be recycled. There is a blue bin in Whitchurch surgery car park for small electrical items and Andover Household Waste recycling centre will recycle all sizes plus any other metals except tin.

Electrical items (small & working)
Small working electrical items can only be taken to the Naomi House shop in Andover as they can get them safety checked. The Community Furniture Project at 6 Joule Road, Basingstoke, RG21 6XH (01256 320700) and the Heart Foundation in Andover (01264 252380) will take all good electricals and will collect fridges etc. free.

Fire extinguishers
These can be reused and are collected at Andover Household Recycling Centre for that purpose.

Foreign currency
Foreign currency is collected  in a small wooden box at the back of St Peter’s church in St Mary Bourne and taken to the Newbury Oxfam shop.

Older furniture can be refurbished by a scheme in the Portway Industrial site called Ugly Ducklings and resold to help Andover Mind. However, they do not deal with sofas or electrical goods, but would like donations of useable wood for their projects such as making bird boxes. For a free collection phone 01264 332297 or mobile 07747 630600. Nearly new furniture and electrical goods can go to the Heart foundation shop in Andover and can be collected free. Phone 01264 252380

Garden waste
Garden waste is collected at Andover Household Recycling Centre to be made into Pro Grow – a peat free, organic compost for mulching and conditioning your soil – which can be bought on site. Never put in Japanese Knotweed as the green waste is made by composting in long heaps called windrows and turned regularly for 20 weeks without extreme heating.

Gas bottles
These can be reused and are collected at Andover Household Recycling Centre for that purpose. 

Hair products
Any brand of hair products (caps, pumps, trigger spray, plastic pots and tubes + hair colourant kits) are collected for recycling in Whitchuch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ).

Household cleaning and laundry products
Any brands of cleaning products, laundry products (caps, triggers, flexible wipe packaging), coloured rigid plastic tubs & fabric conditioner bottles (although not the clear plastic bottles as these go in the green bin collection) are collected for recycling in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ). They can also be dropped off at The Co-operative, Harts Hill Road, Thatcham RG18 4QH and Trinity Methodist Church, Sarum Hill, Basingstoke RG21 8SR.

The Alzheimer’s Society collects old and broken jewellery of all kinds and has a free post address or you can fill in their online form to get pre- addressed jiffy bags sent to you or just use Freepost RTYR-ZUUZ-AULLAlzheimer’s Society,  c/o Partridges, 3 Eagle Avenue, Magnetic Park, Desborough, NN14 2WD or save their money by dropping them off yourself at Ground Floor, Room 3, 8 Chequers Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 7PU Tel.: 01256 479932. There is a long list on their website of other items they collect the same way.

Light bulbs
Light bulbs of all sorts are recycled by Andover Household Waste Recycling Centre in a container near their shop and bottle bank. This includes strip lighting etc. At the moment, local amenity points accept all domestic waste, but some areas want to see proof that you live in their council area. Newbury being one that may check. LED bulbs should be placed in the small electrical items box.

Milk bottle tops
Plastic milk bottle tops are collected at St Mary Bourne village shop then taken to Whitchurch Scout Group to be bagged up from many sources and passed on to the Air Ambulance. Please do wash them well as the Scouts will be sorting them.

Pens and writing materials
Any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen regardless of their composition can be left in a box at the back of St Peter’s Church in St Mary Bourne (next to the box for foreign coins/stamps). They can also be dropped off at Thorngrove School, The Mount, Highclere, Hampshire, RG20 9PS or Vernham Dean Gillum’s Church of England Primary School, Andover, SP11 0HB in school hours.

Pet food pouches
Thoroughly washed pet food pouches and are collected for recycling with Terracyle at Upton Cottage in Verham Dean SP11 0JY. There’s a large plastic box on the driveway of this thatched cottage on the main road in Vernham Dean, on the left opposite the Millennium Hall. They can also be taken to Crookham Village Stores, Crookham Common Road, Thatcham RG198EA.

Plastic lids/caps
Plastic cleaning and beauty lids/caps can be dropped off for recycling with Terracycle in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ).

Plastic-lined containers
Plastic lined food containers such as Tetrapaks, takeaway drinks cups and sandwich wrappers can go to a recycling bin in the George Yard car park in Andover.

Plastic food containers
Sadly, there is no longer any local facility for recycling plastic food trays/containers like yogurt pots and black plastic trays. The bank that was located at Whitchurch for these has been removed by Basingstoke & Dean Council.

Plastic plant pots
These can now be recycled at Dobbie’s Garden Centre (formerly Wyvale) in Salisbury Road, Andover SP11 7DN. 

Plastic ring carriers 
All flexible plastic ring carriers used to hold cans can be recycling in Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ).

Printer cartridges
These can be taken to Andover Household Recycling Centre where they are collected for recycling.

Soft contact lenses & their blister packs
These can be recycled via Terracyle. Our nearest collection point is at Upton Cottage, Vernham Dean SP11 (on main road opposite Millennium Hall). They can also be taken to Boots and Leightons Opticians in Andover during shop opening hours.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and electric toothbrush heads
These can be recycled via Terracycle. Our nearest collection points are at Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ) or Vernham Dean (Upton Cottage, SP11 0JY – on main road opposite Millennium Hall). They can also be taken to New Street Dental Practice, 130 New St. Andover SP101DR.

Tin foil & aluminium cans
Tinfoil and crushed aluminium cans go in the big yellow Magpie bin behind the shop. It is collected by a voluntary driver and sorted by Andover Day Services clients so please wash it. Any shiny packaging which stays crushed is suitable, anything which springs back is not! Metal tomato paste tubes etc. are no good as they are made from an alloy.

Trigger pumps and sprays
Plastic trigger pumps and sprays (non-aerosol) of all brands are collected for recycling at Terracycle at  Whitchurch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ). 

Used stamps
Used stamps are also collected in a yellow bin at the back of the church and are sent to the Leprosy Mission. They can sell even boring standard English ones in bags to collectors who are hunting for that one misprint to make their fortune. Please leave them on their paper and cut round them well away from the perforations. The Leprosy Mission also collects used and unused post cards.

Water filter refills
Tesco’s has stopped hosting a bin for these and we are unaware of anyone else doing this at the moment.

Zuru bunch of ballons
Zuru balloons, plastic stemps, ribbons, party and water foilbags are collected for recycling in Whithchuch (16 Queens Road, RG28 7JQ)

General usable items
For anything else unsuitable for a charity shop, like rabbit hutches, mattresses, bricks, too many apples, plants, etc. try www.freecycle.com This enterprise is an excellent way to keep anything reusable out of landfill.

Please let us know if you have any other other suggestions that can be shared on this page by emailing us at SustainableBourneValley@gmail.com

By Hannah