BEAD Recycling: A Basic Guide for Whitchurch

Feb 27, 2020 Recycling

By Liz Mercer

BEAD services offer a recycling collection service which includes items that Basingstoke and Deane Council do not accept.  They’re based in Basingstoke and collect from Whitchurch fortnightly (or monthly if you prefer).  Some people are signed up to this service so to limit the time for collections in and around the town, a few people have offered to receive others’ recycling and act as collection points.  Please post your request to be included in this scheme on the Low Waste Whitchurch Facebook Group or send a message to Kimberley Walker.  Alternatively, you can contact BEAD directly – for their details and full information please visit

This is a relatively new initiative and everyone is still learning – recycling plastic is a surprisingly complex process!

All items must be CLEAN, DRY and no food residue please


Please visit BEAD’s website for full details.  However, despite the fact that the instructions suggest only plastic containers with a triangle and a number be included, they have confirmed they will accept any plastic tray (except black plastic trays) even without a number.  Black plastic trays with a clearly visible number can be included


  • Please place all items with a 1 in a triangle in one of their green bags (you can buy these from their website for £5 for a starter pack if you sign up for a collection from your house and they’re replaced free of charge at each collection) or in a box or bag to drop off at a collection point (see above).  Neatly stacked is helpful as they take up less room in the bag! 


  • All other plastic containers e.g. yogurt pots, anything with a triangle and a number 2-6 or no number at all, please place in a separate bag (blue if you have their recycling pack).  This also includes all plastic lids and caps that you have to remove from bottles that are collected in your council green bin.
  • Many plastic bags and some plastic film wrapping or packaging are also collected – check the bags for a triangle and number or whether they can be recycled ‘at larger stores’ – include these!

Other items

BLUE BAG (in a separate labelled bag)

  • There is an extensive list of other items that they also take – Styrofoam packing peanuts, batteries etc – please check their website. Please make sure that you put these in a separate labelled bag or container that can be added to a blue bag at the collection point.


We do have Terracycle collection points in Whitchurch, the proceeds of which benefit the town but these have to be registered for the various schemes.  Please check the document in ‘Files’ on the Facebook page for these.

Some items cannot be deposited at our local points. 


  • Anything else that is listed on the Terracycle website but cannot be accepted locally, can be included in the red bag (or a separate bag if leaving at a drop off point) e.g. Tassimo T-pods and other Tassimo items. BEAD then drop these at a collection point in Mortimer which is the nearest one to us.


All Tetrapak cartons can be recycled at Tesco in Andover. 


  • BEAD do take Tetrapak (yellow bag) but they will charge £3 for a full bag.  If dropping off at a Whitchurch collection point ensure you have paid £3 to the person responsible for the collection point prior to drop off.

By Hannah