Insect Hotel

Find a frame for your insect hotel, this could be an old terracotta pot or a basic structure built using old bricks or stones and wood.

Look for whatever natural materials you can find in your garden or when out walking. You can include materials such as moss, twigs, dry leaves, woodchips, bricks with holes, broken terracotta, pine cones, soil, hollow bamboo canes, dead hollow stems from shrubs.

Fill in the gaps creating different tunnels, holes and cosy beds. Different creatures like different materials. Creepy crawlies like beetles, spiders, centipedes and woodlice enjoy dead wood and loose bark. Solitary bees love materials with small tubes from nature such as reeds or bamboo. Frogs need larger holes with stones and cool damp conditions. Ladybirds like dry leaves, straw and sticks.

Find a suitable place for your insect hotel. Different creatures will visit depending on where you choose to place it. For example, solitary bees like the sun but woodlice like cool damp conditions.

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“if you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere” Vincent Van Gogh