Refuse what you don’t need.

Reduce what you do need.

Reuse anything that you can

Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse

Rot (i.e. compost) the rest

In that order, the closer to the top of the list the better!

Waste & Recycling at Home

“Your Guide to Waste and Recycling at Home” detailing what goes in the green bin, black bin and glass bin by Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council. Click here to access the PDF.

BEAD Recycling

BEAD offers recycling for items that Basingstoke and Dean Borough do not recycle.

Find out more on our blog about what can be recycled with BEAD here:

…and how to recycle with BEAD here:

Whitchurch Recycling Map


* Click here to link to Recycling Map Page

Terracycle in Whitchurch

Recycle stuff you can’t normally recycle in Whitchurch – and earn money for local schools and other good causes

Radka Wigmore has teamed-up with TerraCycle, an organisation dedicated to “eliminating the idea of waste by recycling the ‘non-recyclable.’” She’s raised hundreds of pounds for Whitchurch primary school, Rising Fives and MacMillan Cancer Support, and invites us all to join in.

Just drop your drop your waste packaging in the bins at Rising Fives and Whitchurch Primary School during term-time or into the clearly-labelled bins outside Radka’s house at 16 Queens Road, Whitchurch RG28 7JQ any time.

Below is a list of what Radka can and can’t take.
For more information, email Radka at


Electrical Recycling

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling in the Basingstoke and Dean Borough

You can recycle worn out small electrical equipment (up to a maximum size of 58cm wide x 21cm deep) in one of the collection banks installed around the borough. The Whitchurch collection bank is at Bell Street car park RG28 7AE.

WEEE collection bank

Worn-out electrical items which can be recycled here include:

  • kettles, toasters or kitchen appliances
  • hairdryers, straighteners or curling tongs
  • cameras or photographic equipment
  • music equipment , including radios and MP3 players
  • lamps, heaters or electric blankets
  • computers or games consoles
  • electrical toys, such as remote controlled cars
  • fairy lights
  • mobile phones.

Free electronic recycling in-store

Curry’s in Andover (Unit 2 Churchill Retail Park, New Street, Andover, SP10 1RY) offer free electronic recycling in-store.

“Whenever you like, and without buying anything new, you can also take to your local Currys PC World store any electricals or electronics you no longer want for free recycling . We accept everything from computers to toasters, and floor cleaners to TVs, whether bought from us or someone else” Currys. Click here for more details.

Silver Foil Recycling

Silver foil recycling e.g. silver foil bottle caps or silver foil trays available in Whitchurch at Bell Street car park RG28 7AE. All foil must be clean and dry.

Clothes Recycling

Clothes recycling bank located at Whitchurch Bell Street car park RG28 7AE and Whitchurch Gill Nethercott Centre.

Recycling Batteries

Tesco Express (24 Winchester Street, Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7AH) recycles batteries. Battery recycling bin is situated just next to the post office inside.